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Canes Racquets Birchers: White Whangee Cane

White Whangee Cane

Only £21.00 each.

As the black whangee is chocolate brown so the white whangee is a natural cane colour. Whangee is our only bamboo cane. Bamboo is not normally suitable for canes because it tends to split and splinter along the stem but the knots on the whangee cane are so close together this rarely happens. Severe. Good for hard, heavy play.

All pieces are unique and vary in length and diameter.

It is fairly common to lose the end couple of inches of the cane during play, especially on the thinner stems. Our motto is:-

Keep Calm.

Sand The Tip.


Carry On!

variable 6mm-13mm x 27”– 32”

Materials: Huang Li Bamboo