Trussed UK

Pleasure or pain, we have the toys for you

About Us

We are Chris and Michelle, a BDSM Master & sub. We operate the business from North London and Bournemouth, England

We were surprised when a couple of people told us that our products were too cheap, like it was a bad thing, but they clarified it by saying that people may think that the toys and equipment were poorly made.

When we started out together in BDSM we had very little money spare to buy toys and we looked around for alternatives. We found, for example, that riding crops, available from BDSM traders for £15 could be bought in large pet stores and riding tack shops for as little as £6 which meant they could probably be bought from wholesalers for around £3. So why the massive profit margin?

We started to make our own toys and soon requests for floggers and other pieces started to come in from friends.

We created TrussedUK for two sound reasons. Firstly to provide needed employment and to have a source of income that would pay for hotel rooms and club visits without drawing from the family budgets and, secondly to provide toys at a price people could easily afford because BDSM isn't just for people with money to spare.

Our toys and equipment are well made. Time and care is given to each item. No process is rushed and no corners cut. We take a pride in what we produce. We take feedback from customers and we adapt items where necessary.

Our toys and equipment are fairly priced. Our materials come from reputable and reliable suppliers. Each item is timed in the making so labour costs, at minimum rate, can be worked out. A margin is added to cover running costs and create a small profit to make the business viable. So the equation is : Materials + Labour + Cost/Profit Margin = Value for Money.

We've seen stalls at fetish fairs where traders seem to believe that BDSMers will pay any price for any item offered up for sale. We do not want to be like them. We're out to make a fair profit, not a killing! We want customers to come back to us for new toys and to recommend us to others, and they do. This would not happen if our toys were of a low standard.

We won't bump our prices up just to prove that we make quality toys and equipment, after all, it's a small price for you to pay to find out for yourselves!

You can meet us on the Trussed UK stall at the London Alternative Market (LAM) Chris, ably assisted by our good friends Alan and Jozz, and at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar  (BBB). Come along and say hi :-)

* Metal Monkey is a subdivision of Trussed UK