Trussed UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Who are you?
[A] We are Chris and Michelle, a BDSM Master & sub. We operate the business from North London and Bournemouth, England

[Q] Do you have a shop I can visit?
[A] No. TrussedUK is an online shop. However, we have been regular stallholders at Fetish Fairs since 2001.

[Q] Regarding your tarred cats. I have always understood tar to be carcinogenic. Are these cats safe to use?
[A] True tars are organic. Our cats are treated with Swedish or Stockholm tar which is made from pine trees. Pine tar is often used in skin medicines because of its antisceptic qualities. A similar mineral based substance, wrongly known as tar, is made from coal and petroleum. It is this "tar" that is toxic and carcinogenic.

[Q] The Checkout failed to authorise my payment, what do I do now?
[A] If you have failed to obtain an authorisation for your payment and you are certain you have available funds check the following :
Address Information
The Billing address should be the address to which your card is registered. The Country line is especially important in this respect.
Card Information
Check you have selected the correct Card Type
Check that you have entered your 16-digit card number correctly
Check that you have entered the Security Code correctly. This is the last three digits on the signature line on the back of the card.
Issue Number is only required for some Maestro cards. For all other cards leave this box blank
Check you have entered the correct Expiry Date
Verified by Visa & Mastercard Securecode
Both Visa and Mastercard use a 3-D Secure verification page and it is possible that you have forgotten the password you registered with them.
There are banks in some countries, Eire for example, that block the use of Debit Cards for online purchases outside of their own land. If you are ordering from outside of the UK, and you are unable to get an authorisation, try using a Credit Card instead.
Some banks and card companies will decline a payment if it is for a large amount, (especially when shopping outside of your own country) and if it is not considered normal activity for your account. A quick phone call to them usually sorts this.

[Q] When will I receive my order?
[A] With credit card orders, goods are generally shipped on the next working day after the order is received. If paying by cash or cheque the goods will not be dispatched until after the payment has cleared into our bank. Holidays and illness may sometimes disrupt these timings. If a requested item is still in production you will be notified and the item will ne dispatched as soon as it is ready.

[Q] How is my order shipped?
[A] Your order will be sent by Royal Mail First Class or recorded Delivery. Some orders,containing long canes may be sent by Parcelforce. Overseas orders will be sent via an Airmail service. We only track orders with a value higher than £50

[Q] I forgot to use my discount card number on the order, can I still claim my discount?
[A] Sadly, no. Customer Discount Numbers must be given on the Shopping Cart page in order for the discount to be applied. The Discount box appears at the start of the cart page just below the "Deliver to" box. Type in your number and click the "Apply Discount". As this page is an automated page it is not possible to apply the discount after your order has been confirmed and payment authorised.

[Q] I would like my order sent to a different address than mine.
[A] When filling out your cardholder address you will also find a section for you to put a delivery address if different to your own.

[Q] What will appear on my Credit Card Statement?
[A] For confidentiality, your credit card statement will have a charge under the name of trusco Bournemouth. Payments made through Paypal will appear as TRUSCO BOURNEMOUTH.

[Q] Do you send to the US or worldwide?
[A] Yes, we deliver to any country, although we cannot accept liability for postal delays to international destinations.

Please check your custom and import laws before ordering.If any of our products are seized and/or destroyed by Customs/Border Control, due to being illegal to import into your country, we are not liable to provide a refund or re-ship the goods.

[Q] Do you accept other currencies ?
[A] Unfortunately we can only accept payment in Pounds Sterling, or cheques which are drawn on a UK bank as the charges for changing currency are too high.
However if you order by credit card the card company takes care of all the details, so you pay in your local currency, but we get paid in Pounds.

[Q] Is your packaging discreet?
[A] Yes, all our parcels are in plain, unmarked packaging.

[Q] Do you store customer data?
[A] No, we are PCI DSS PII compliant and do not store any information in databases. We do not see your card details as these are handled by Secure Trading and Lloyds Cardnet. We do hold an Excel and a paper copy of your invoice for accounting purposes.