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Indirect Electro Play: Indirect Play Wand Set

Indirect Play Wand Set

Only £68.00 each.

A wand set designed for indirect electro play. So simple to use. Attach the contact pad firmly against your partner’s skin, put the rod end into the wand handle and turn on the power. Your partner’s skin is now buzzing with electricity which will cause sparks to fly when any metal or tinsel toy is put near them.

You can even use your fingertips if you want but you will feel the nip of the sparks too that way.

The contact pad has a two metre flexible wire lead.

The set consists of one solid state wand, one contact pad and a Tinsel Twig toy (colour may vary) .

NOTE: The wand emits an EM field and should not be used on people fitted with pacemakers.

power : 30W.

220v/240v UK